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Do You Smoke? Here Are 10 Fire Safety Tips You Should Follow

Smoking is not only bad for our health, but it also causes thousands of home fires every year. Smoking-related home fires can be prevented by exercising proper caution, so follow these tips to prevent them:

1. Use fire-safe cigarettes. Fire-safe cigarettes (FSCs) are designed to extinguish more quickly than standard cigarettes if ignored. Cigarettes that are fire standards-compliant have the "FSC" letters above the barcode.
2. Only smoke outside. As most smoking-related fires occur in living rooms and bedrooms, it is best to smoke outside. Cigarette butts or ashes can ignite many things in a home, such as curtains, beds, books, etc.
3. Never smoke in bed. If you smoke in bed, you might fall asleep with the lit cigarette. If the cigarette falls, the mattress and bedding can easily catch fire.
4. Smoke away from medical oxygen. Never smoke near medical oxygen as it can cause materials to catch on fire quickly and makes fires burn faster than normal.
5. Keep children away from smoking materials. To prevent children from playing with cigarettes, matches or lighters, put these smoking materials out of their reach, preferably in a locked cabinet.
6. Always put cigarettes out completely. Douse cigarettes with water or sand to make sure you put them out all the way. Before discarding cigarette butts and ashes in the trash, douse them with water again.
7. Use deep, sturdy ashtrays that can’t easily tip over. Place ashtrays on level surfaces, outside the home. Put water or sand in them to ensure cigarette butts are put out all the way.
8. Never smoke when you’re tired. If you’re feeling sleepy or tired, or have taken medicine that makes you drowsy, you may not be able to exercise proper caution when smoking.
9. Never discard cigarettes in vegetation. Dry vegetation, such as mulch, peat moss and leaves, can catch fire when they come in contact with fresh cigarette butts.
10. Use electronic cigarettes with caution. Using electronic cigarettes also presents safety risks. Most e-cigarettes use lithium batteries, and using them improperly may result in accidents. Never leave charging e-cigarettes unattended.
Candles should also be used with caution. Check out these candle fire safety guidelines. Read How to Prevent Home Fires: 12 Tips to Stay Safe for more information. For professional fire damage repair or smoke remediation services, contact your local PuroClean office.

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